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Omaha's Best Smoke Shop

Experience Mystic Moods - Known for having Omaha's  best Kratom. As a veteran-owned and operated small business, we've proudly served the local Omaha metro since 2013 and look forward to another decade of providing the best premium Kratom and the best deals on glass in town. Stop by and see us today!                                                    

                                                              NOW SELLING KRATOM BY THE KILO!

Smoking Accessories

Many types of Vapes, Scales, Grinders, Smoke Buddy's, Detox Kits, & Incense.


Hand Pipes, Water Pipes, Dab Rigs, & plenty more!


Over 30+ Kratom Types & Strains in Powder, Capsules, Tablets, Liquid, Extracts, & Edibles.




Tarot, Angel, & Oracle cards, Crystals, Worry & Palm Stones, Sage, & Wouji Boards plus more.

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M&M Dispensary by Mystic Moods Official Logo

Curbside pickup available

Check out our Dispensary

#1 Omaha Dispensary providing the best legal hemp-derived products, prices, and bud tending services Omaha has to offer. We've got Edibles, Pre-rolls, Oil Cartridges, Disposables,Premium THCA Flower, Pain Creams, Roll-ons, & so much more. We add new products on a weekly basis. Our selection and variety is unmatched. Stop in and say HIGH!



(Next door to Mystic Moods just North of 72nd & Dodge in the West Lanes Bowling Center plaza)

Current Promo

Receive 25% Off ALL glass & smoking accessories at Mystic Moods when you make a purchase at M&M Dispensary!

(Next door)

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